Fast Facts


  • Taste
It is a carrier of flavours
  • Palatability
Gives a richness and ‘indulgence’
  • Oral perception
Provides creaminess
  • Heat transfer
Excellent for frying
  • Lubricant (water in oil/fat emulsion)
Useful in spreading applications
  • Dressings (oil in water emulsion)
Used in whipping cream
  • Structuring/taste in baking
In cakes and cookies
  • Structuring air/water/fat emulsions 
In cream and ice-cream
  • Energy supplier
37.7 kJ
  • Balanced fatty acid intake

Essential fatty acids,
mainly linoleic acid (omega-6) and some alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3)

  • Solvent for the good stuff                 
Vitamin A,D, E, K


Two examples of the functionality of fats in foods

Two examples

Functionality of chocolate: Functionality of powdered soup or coffee creamer:
Hard at room temperature in different climates
Melting range: 30°C-37°C
Long shelf-life: > 1 year, soluble in cold and warm water, no lumps
Melting range: 60°C-25°C, quick melting