Presentations 4 October 2018

Frans Claassen, Chair EPOA - Managing Director  MVO - The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry, Welcome address

Willem Klaassens, Senior Specialist Commodity Trade The Sustainable Trade Initiative IDH, Monitoring progress: Latest data on uptake and consumption of sustainable palm oil in food in Europe.

Laure d’Astorg, General Director The Alliance for the Preservation of ForestsThe Alliance for the Preservation of Forests, a joint industry effort to meet the UN SDGs

Michelle Desilets, Executive Director Orangutan Land Trust, Role of sustainable palm oil in protecting biodiversity and orang utans in particular

Jennifer Tegg, Head Of Marketing Chester Zoo, Chester sustainable palm oil city challenge

H.E. Ambassador Arif Havas Oegroseno, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Germanyo, Reducing poverty and ensuring food security in 2030 and including a sustainability chapter in FTA

Kalyana Sundram,| CEO Malaysian Palm Oil Council, Progress on sustainable palm oil development by smallholders in Malaysia

Jens Mesa-Dishington, Executive President FEDEPALMA, Oil palm in Colombia: a sustainable and an inclusive agroindustry

Rosemary Addico, Programme Manager Oil Palm Solidaridad W - Africa, Initiatives to improve smallholder conditions and Good Agricultural Practices / new criteria RSPO P&C on smallholders

Peter de Koning, representative The Netherlands in 'The Amsterdam Declaration in Support of a Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020 ’The Amsterdam Declaration in Support of a Fully Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain by 2020 - current status and developments

Ashwin Selvaraj, Head of Smallholder Programme RSPO, RSPO, a global partnership for change

Maja Slingerland, Coordinator Perennial Crop Programme, Plant Production Sys- tems, Wageningen University, Partnerships in research for sustainable palm oil

Dodi Reza Alex, Chairman of Sustainable Districts Platform (Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari - LTKL), Head of District Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Achieving SDGs through Jurisdictional Approach : Lessons from Musi Banyuasin Districts, South Sumatra

more to follow