WTO-speech EPOA: Sustainable palm oil is the solution, banning palm oil is not

Posted on: September 28, 2017

“It is not about banning palm oil to save the world, it is about cooperating with producing countries to produce palm oil in a save way and help halt deforestation, protect biodiversity and feed the world for generations to come”. With these words Margot Logman, Secretary General of the European Palm Oil Alliance concluded her speech at the WTO (Word Trade Organization) Public Forum 2017 in Geneva, Tuesday 26 September 2017.

In a personal speech Ms. Logman addressed the importance of palm oil for food security in the world.  “If we think about the best ways to feed the 9 billion inhabitants globally in the coming future, palm oil with its high yield is definitely important. It cannot be replaced by other oils, simply because we do not have enough land to produce enough of the alternatives”.

Acknowledging the challenges and emotions around palm oil, Logman emphasized the importance of sustainable palm oil production, as linked to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

She stressed the activities of EPOA to rebalance the palm oil debate in Europe, and explained the importance of cooperation thorough the full palm oil supply chain, as well as the prominent roles of national initiatives on sustainable palm oil and food associations in various European countries, and the need to work with NGOs and experts.

“EPOA strongly supports the move to 100% sustainable palm oil in Europe by 2020. This can only be achieved by working together with all parties throughout the supply chain, certification schemes, IDH and the governments of producing countries and European members states”.

Taking responsibility in sustainability is the theme of the European Palm Oil Conference, EPOC 2017 EPOA will be organising with its European partners on 23 November 2017.