A Shared Vision: 100% Sustainable Palm Oil in Europe

Posted on: June 10, 2015

As the world’s largest economy, Europe has an opportunity and responsibility to move the global economy to a more sustainable path. The continent is the third largest global import market for palm oil and home to some of the world’s biggest brands and companies. With increased public awareness, industry demand and supply chain accessibility, there is the potential in Europe to create a new model for a sustainable palm oil supply chain for the world. RSPO has pledged to help support and build a 100% CSPO European market by 2020.

A new report on the sustainable palm oil market in Europe by RSPO makes clear what's needed to reach 100% market uptake. The report explores the current state of play across Europe, examining the progress made within individual countries and the lessons that can be learned. Based on survey responses of those working on the ground across national CSPO initiatives, as well as desk research, it sets out the challenges and opportunities for Europe’s palm oil supply chain – and concludes with a series of recommendations and questions that must be answered as we progress towards the 100% CSPO goal for 2020.

Click here to read the full report.