POIG response to Selfridges: stop banning palm oil and help build a responsible palm oil industry

Posted on: October 29, 2018

In response to Selfridges commitment to become completely palm-oil-free by Christmas 2019, Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) urges the Selfridges department store chain not to eliminate palm oil , but to support the efforts to build a more responsible palm oil industry. 

POIG shares Selfridges’ vision of mitigating the environmental impacts of palm oil production. However, POIG believes palm oil elimination is not a solution for deforestation. POIG cautions the company against eliminating palm oil and therefore isolating itself from collective efforts of many other major retailers and global brands which are engaged in transforming the palm oil industry by demanding improvements in how palm oil is produced.

POIG stresses that only a concerted effort by all concerned stakeholders will transform the situation on the ground where palm oil is produced. That’s why POIG recommends going to the root of the problem by requiring manufacturers of products sold in Selfridges stores to source palm oil that is traceable and verified by a third party as grown without causing deforestation or human rights abuses.

Palm oil can, and should be, produced in a way that rainforests and peatland are not destroyed, while ensuring respect for human rights, POIG states.

To download the full statement, click here.