OpenLab Nutella website now live

Posted on: February 01, 2017

December 8th 2016 Ferrero organised an event in Brussels to cover a wide range of questions regarding ‘sustainable palm oil’ with focus on environment and health. What are the different sustainability schemes? What are the solutions and last innovations to make sure that the « zero deforestation » engagements are implemented on the field? How can we protect the orang-utans? What does Ferrero make on the ground? What is the level of fats consumption of the Belgians? Which nutritional advices can be provided? What is the place of Nutella in our diets? All these topics were discussed.

The OpenLab Nutella Website is now live. The website contains several videos and detailed summaries of the three round tables, as well as interesting information about sustainable palm oil and the actions of Ferrero.