Norway endorses Amsterdam Palm Oil Declaration

Posted on: June 14, 2016

Increased governmental support for Amsterdam Declaration to Support 100% Sustainable Palm Oil in Europe.

Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg declared governmental support to the Commitment to Support 100% Sustainable Palm Oil in Europe today at the Oslo REDD Exchange by signing the Amsterdam Palm Oil Declaration. The Commitment was instigated by IDH and MVO’s European Sustainable Palm Oil, or ESPO, project in December 2015.

In her opening speech at the conference, the Norwegian Prime Minister confirmed that Norway is endorsing the Amsterdam declarations on delinking deforestation from the production and supply of agricultural commodities to Europe, with a particular focus on palm oil. In this way, Norway supports the efforts of the private sector to delink deforestation from their supply chains, and to ensure fully sustainable palm oil supply chains by 2020.

The Norwegian food industry, through the Norwegian Initiative for Sustainable Palm Oil (NISPO), as well as the feed industry in Norway have decided to also support the Declaration, and in this way contribute to the efforts of the private sector to remove deforestation from their supply chains, and to ensure fully sustainable palm oil supply chains by 2020. "Signing helps support the work taking place in Europe to drive the development of sustainable palm oil. We take responsibility beyond Norway” says Dag Kjetil Øyna, Head of Secretariat for the NISPO.

Joined forces

European private sector organizations joined forces for the first time in December 2015 to ensure a fully sustainable palm oil supply chain in Europe by 2020 by signing the Commitment. In response, the governments of five key European Union countries declared their support towards the project by signing the Amsterdam Palm Oil Declaration during the EU and Global Value Chains’ high-level conference on 7th December 2015. This was the first time that different countries in Europe spoke with one voice with regards to sustainable palm oil. Today Norway adds its name to this list.

To drive the uptake of more sustainable palm oil in Europe, IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative and MVO (The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry) established the European Sustainable Palm Oil project in 2015. The project was initiated to stimulate the uptake of more sustainable palm oil in Europe, and will continue to support national initiatives working on sustainable palm oil. 

In close collaboration with the European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA), IDH, and MVO work together with various national palm oil initiatives, main stream palm oil certification bodies such as RSPO and the umbrella EU associations, such as CAOBISCO (confectionery), FEDIOL (fats and oils) and IMACE (margarines).

Both EPOA and ESPO highly appreciate the support of the Norwegian government.

EPOA-chair and MVO-managing director Frans Claassen, said: “We very much welcome the support of the Norwegian government and industry. By increasing engagement with our partners and allies, defining a coordinated approach in Europe,  we are amplifying the outreach and effectiveness on the commitment and the monitoring regarding sustainable palm oil.

Joost Oorthuizen, executive director at IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, said: “It is very encouraging that now the Norwegian government joins the movement towards the use of sustainable palm oil. Palm oil production must be sustainable in order to stop deforestation, peat and forest fires and haze. Europe is the second largest importer of palm oil in the world, and an harmonized approach will accelerate and upscale the use of sustainable palm oil in Europe and act as an example for other regions.”


About IDH:
IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) is a non-profit organization that brings together front-running companies, civil society, knowledge and financial institutions and governments in public private partnerships to transform markets towards more environmentally and socially sustainable production and trade. Founded in 2008 with a co-funding grant from the Dutch government, IDH - now funded by the Dutch, Danish and Swiss governments - operates globally in 11 commodity sectors ranging from coffee and tea to aquaculture and soy. Together with its over 350 public and private partners, IDH develops, implements, co-funds and evaluates innovative scalable business models to deliver global impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. Recently IDH started also a landscape program (ISLA) in seven landscapes on three continents.

About MVO – The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry:
MVO – The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry represents the interest of the companies in the Dutch oils and fats supply chain. MVO stands for an international competitive and sustainable oils and fats sector and has a strong focus on sustainable palm oil. MVO initiated the Dutch Alliance Sustainable Palm Oil and is actively involved in promoting the use and production of certified sustainable palm oil.

About EPOA:
The European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA), an alliance of refiners and palm oil producers, supports the national initiatives on sustainable palm oil, including NISPO (Norwegian Initiative for Sustainable Palm Oil). It provides a platform for an open and science based debate on several aspects of palm oil and is committed to sustainable palm oil production and uptake in food.