Members Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil using 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil

Posted on: December 18, 2015

The Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil (BASP) announced an important achievement: as off 1 December 2015 all its members (individual companies) only use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil in the Belgian market. The BASP immediately announced a new target: supporting the aim for a 100% sustainable palm oil supply chain in Europe by 2020, the sustainability criteria will be sharpened, taking into account the protection of valuable forests and peatlands, traceability and the explicit support of small independent farmers. 

The Belgian commitment was also signed by DETIC, the industry association representing manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, adhesives and sealants. DETIC will inform its members and motivate them to use sustainable palm oil.

The Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil is a partnership between various players in the palm oil supply chain and is committed to promote the use of sustainable palm oil. The founding members of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil are sector federations FEVIA (Confederation of the Food Industry), Belgapom (Association for the Belgian potato trade and processing), FGBB (Federation of Big Bakeries Belgium) UNIFA (Association of Belgian manufacturers and importers raw materials for bakery, patisserie, chocolatiers and ice cream), Choprabisco (Royal Belgian Society of biscuit, chocolate, chocolate truffle and confectionery industry) and FBVO (Federation Manufacturer of Fats and Oils). Food companies participating are Aigremont, Ferrero, Natra Malle, Unilever, Vandemoortele, Lotus Bakeries, Puratos and Royal Lacroix. The involved palm oil producer is SIPEF.

For more information see the press release. For more information about the BASP click here.