France: no palm oil tax in biodiversity law, debate to continue next year

Posted on: July 21, 2016

20 July 2016, the French National Assembly adopted the much debated biodiversity law (Projet de loi sur la reconquête de la biodiversité, de la nature et des paysages). The final text does not include the introduction of a specific additional tax on tropical oils. The previous text of article 27A has been transposed to article 47 in the definitive legal text.   

Secretary of State for Biodiversity Barbara Pompili, who is personally in favour of an additional tax on palm oil, promised the proponents of such an additional tax that the subject of palm oil taxation is far from being dismissed. Within six months of this law's official publication, the government will come up with a proposal for a new coherent system for the taxation of all vegetable oils in foodstuffs, in which exemptions will be allowed for oils which are produced in a sustainable way. According to Pompili her department is already working on a certification scheme that will guarantee sustainability. Only owners of such a sustainability certificate will be eligible for an exemption to certain (additional) food oil taxes.