Europe: campaigning for sustainable palm oil

Posted on: September 10, 2015

In several European countries information campaigns have been launched regarding sustainable palm oil.

Italy: Palm oil, let’s talk about it
AIDEPI, The Italian Association of Confectionery, Sweet Bakery and Pasta Industries has launched a print campaign in Italy aimed at explaining to Italian consumers why palm oil is a wise choice in terms of environment and health. AIDEPI strongly supports the sustainable production of agricultural goods. As key users of palm oil the companies are committed to uniquely buy oil that is coming from certified sustainable origin. Click here for more.

France: Fight against deforestation and climate change: are sustainable sectors the solution?
In the context of Convergences, the World Forum in Paris toward a fair and sustainable world, the French Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil invited all the actors in the palm oil sector to reflect on common and innovative solutions to combat deforestation and climate change. Click here for more.

France and Belgium: They say everything and anything at all about Malaysian palm oil
To better inform French and Belgian consumers, to respond to the controversies and to promote Malaysian palm oil, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) has launched an information campaign that showcases the initiatives and efforts made in the field to enable the industry to progress further towards more sustainable and more responsible production of palm oil. Click here for more.