EUFIC study: free from labels potentially misleading

Posted on: August 25, 2017

EUFIC - The European Food Information Council-  investigated the consumers’ attitude in Europe (UK, FR, PL, SW) towards labels with the term ‘gluten-free’, ‘lactose-free’, ‘palm oil-free’ or ‘GMO-free’. The study made clear that ‘free from’ labels appear to be generally confusing for consumers and that a sound consumer education in ‘free-from’ labelling claims is necessary.

’Free-from’ labelled products across all countries were generally perceived as healthier compared to products without such a label. If the consumers’ expectation – that food with a ‘free-from’ label is healthier – is not met, this may result in distrust in the industry.

The results of the study have been presented at the Pangborn symposium 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium 20-24 August and are available online.