EPOA presentation at Nutrevent: Empower consumers, not confuse!

Posted on: June 17, 2015

Since a number of years the use of ‘free-from’ ingredient claims is becoming commonplace. Claims refer to for example ‘fat-free’, ‘TFA free’, ‘without sweetener’ or ‘no additives’. The latest ‘free-from palm oil’ trend that we see in several European countries (France, Belgium, Norway, Italy) relates to the use of certain types of oils and fats. But will these claims provide a real benefit to the consumer?

Margot Logman, programme manager of EPOA addressed this question during her presentation at Nutrevent, a European conference on business and innovation in Food, Nutrition and Health, 17th and 18th June in Lille, France.

In her presentation she focussed on perception versus facts. She made clear that palm oil free products do not ensure a health benefit as such. From a environmental point of view, it's better to use sustainable palm oil than to ban palm oil.  Palm free labelling will leave the consumer confused, will divert from real healthy eating behavior and undermines trust in the food industry. Fact based communication is needed to inform consumers and keep consumer trust, she stated.

To download the presentation click here.