Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil presents monitoring report 2017

Posted on: October 17, 2018

88% of palm oil delivered to food industry certified sustainable. Solidaridad shares story from their work with smallholder farmers in Colombia.

The Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil reports annually on the share of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) processed in the Netherlands since 2011. This year’s reporting not only includes the use of CSPO in food and feed industry. The Dutch Alliance also reports on the traceability to oil mill level and the share of palm oil that is covered by company commitments on ‘No deforestation, No development on peatland and No Exploitation (NDPE)’ policies.

Share of CSPO stabilises
Data derived from out of refinery deliveries report that 88% of the palm oil processed by the Dutch food industry was CSPO in 2017. This is similar to 2016 results, although the absolute volume of CSPO and conventional palm oil increased. The 88% include products produced for both domestic and export markets. Priorities to reach 100% in the Netherlands are demand for CSPO in public procurement and the implementation of sustainability commitments by foodservice and out of home sectors. MVO is in contact with these stakeholders to follow up on their commitments.

Spotlight on Colombia
The annual report also highlights the positive impact of sustainable palm oil in producing countries. Since the introduction of sustainable palm oil in Colombia, smallholder farmers have  improved working conditions and use better agricultural practices. Already 9000 hectares of High Conservation Value forest is now protected.

To read the report please click for Dutch and English versions.