National Initiatives

European Sustainable Palm Oil initiatives
(Marked orange: supporting the Amsterdam Declaration)

Belgium – Belgische Alliantie voor Duurzame Palmolie/Alliance Belge pour une huile de palme durable
Chair: Mr. Philippe Thiry, thiry [dot] philippe [at] aigremont [dot] be
Secretary General: Mrs. Ariane Louwage, al [at] fevia [dot] be
www.duurzame I

Secretary General, Mrs. Louise Bünemann, lobu [at] di [dot] dk

France – Alliance Francaise pour une huile de palme durable
President: Mr. Guillaume Reveillac, guillaume [dot] reveilhac [at] cerelia [dot] com
Secretary General - Mrs. Laure d'Astorg, ldastorg [at] huiledepalmedurable [dot] org

Germany – Forum Nachhaltiges Palmöl
Secretariat: Mr. Daniel May, daniel [dot] may [at] giz [dot] de
sekretariat [at] forumpalmoel [dot] org

Italy - Unione Italiana per l’Olio di Palma Sostenibile
President: Mr. Giuseppe Allocca,President, giuseppe [dot] allocca [at] unipalma [dot] it
Secretary General: Mrs. Francesca Ronca, francesca [dot] ronca [at] unipalma [dot] it

The Netherlands – The Dutch Task Force for Sustainable Palm Oil
Chair: Mr. Eddy Esselink, esselink [at] mvo [dot] nl 
Secretariat: Mr. Thijs Pasmans, pasmans [at] mvo [dot] nl

Norway - The Norwegian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil
Secretariat, Dag Kjetil Oyna, dko [at] nhomd [dot] no

Sweden - Swedish Initiative on Sustainable Palm Oil
Secretary General, Mr. Johan Anell, johan [dot] anell [at] li [dot] se

United Kingdom – UK Statement on sustainable production of palm oil
Secretariat: Mrs. Clare Southworth , Clare [dot] Southworth [at] defra [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk
And/or: Mr. Richard Mitchell, Richard [dot] Mitchell [at] defra [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk

New National Sustainable Palm Oil Initiatives

EPOA and ESPO are currently in contact with Industry representatives across Europe to set up National Sustainable Palm Oil initiatives in the coming period in Spain and Poland. For more details on existing and new national sustainable palm oil initiatives please contact:

Mrs. Margot Logman, Program Manager EPOA, logman [at] palmoilalliance [dot] eu
Mr. Eddy Esselink, Program Manager ESPO, esselink [at] mvo [dot] nl