The importance of a healthy lifestyle

In order to maintain good health, we need to focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Simply put, a healthy lifestyle is based on three elements: variation in foods and meals, a balanced energy intake and enough physical activity to prevent weight gain. A healthy diet includes ample fruits and vegetables, a balanced carbohydrate, fat and protein intake, and avoiding high intake of salt, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and trans fats. 


All in all

A healthy and balanced diet relies on variation and moderation. Foods high in saturated fats require moderate consumption. From a nutritional perspective, the replacement of palm oil with other fats and oils in food products may lead to both favorable and unfavorable effects. Current consumption levels of palm oil, as suggested by data from France should not raise a particular concern. 

Substituting palm oil with other vegetable oils or animal fats will require the use of more land for equivalent tonnage. This may prove counterproductive for the environment. From the environmental perspective, it is important to focus on sustainable production of palm oil.

If we manage to produce and source palm oil responsible, palm oil may largely answer the anticipated growth in global demand for fats and oils.