Welcome to the palm oil and food website. Palm oil offers a balance between good nutritional composition and optimal taste and texture of a product. On this website you will find information and references on the nutritional composition, value and effect of palm oil in the diet. It also explains how palm oil is sourced from sustainable palm fruit and how it can be used in different food products. Please contact the European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA) for more information using the contact form

Sourced from sustainable palm fruit

Palm Oil is the most widely-used vegetable oil in the world. It has the highest yield compared to other oil crops per hectare of land.  Read More

A natural and versatile ingredient

Palm oil is used in many products, because it has unique properties. Its great stability at high temperatures, long-term stability, preservative properties, neutral taste and smell and smooth and creamy texture make it a perfect ingredient in many recipes.  Read More

Part of a balanced diet

Fat is a source of energy and enables production of certain hormones. It will help the body absorb important vitamins and provides essential building blocks for the cells in the body.  Read More